paragliding kalamata - Tandem paragliding flights

Come to fly with us !!!

Have you ever flown over the Messinian Gulf?

Join us and indulge with a unique experience of a tandem* (2 seats) (instructor+passanger) paragliding flight over the mesmerizing views of the Messenian Gulf, filling your mind and heart with astonishing images of the unforgettable views of the highest mountain ranges of Mount Taygetus.

The Messinian Gulf is considered one of the best places in Greece for a tandem  paragliding Flight as it offers one of the highest takeoff point in Greece. On Kalathi Mount, which is situated precisely in the east side of our city, is the takeoff spot, at an altitude of 940 metres high. Certified paragliding instructors guarantee a safe and amazing flight over the beauty of the Messinian Gulf that will come to an end with your landing on the beach, next to Gregotel Filoxenia Hotel, in Verga, Kalamata.

The paragliding flight is an exciting and memorable experience , is a different escape from the ordinary , a special feeling.

The free flight in the air gives you stunning images indelibly skyline view from the highest peaks and the beautiful Messinian Gulf.

Always dispose safely with new high-tech certified equipment

The purpose of this unique experience is your addiction to free flight and activation to take up this sport (solo).
To make a tandem paragliding flight NOT need to have any special skill or expertise. All you need is to want it. For everything else will take care of us.

Our pilots-pilots are all certified by the Greek Air Sports Federation with years of experience and
will ensure you a unique experience.


Who can fly with us ?

Anyone who is healthy with a body weight from 40 to 100 kg (height until 1.95m) , that can pull and run for two – three meters. It takes four seconds and two meters running to get to the air at the absolute magic of free paragliding flight.

What you need with you ?

* Sunglasses * Jackets – depending on the season * Shoes, running shoes or trekking boots * usb memory stick or memory cart or your mobile phone for transporting the video file of the flight. (2-3 GB it’s video)

How long is the flight ?

* Normal flight is about ~15 minutes. ( at the morning ) * VIP flights is 30 minutes . ( at the afternoon ) ***( VIP flight we recommend to people who have done it again … ask for more info).

Visitors ?

* Your friends can admire the view from the place of take-off… (if we have extra seat in the car… ask for more info ).

Υou find it fun ?


It blows my mind the experience. Was amazing. And the people who support you are unique. Simple clear instructions TOTALLY sense of security !!!! I'll definitely do it again ...
Samara Chrysoula
Last year, I dared to do it me too. Is a unique experience with incredible view of Kalamata from above . The landing on the beach was amazing soft . Pure magic !!!!
Maniatis Andreas
An incredible experience in one of the most beautiful places in Greece. I was so fortunate to have Petros guide me through one of the most anxious yet calm moments of my life. Looking forward to doing it again next time I'm in Kalamata !!!!
Kourbetis Ef.
Amazing experience, highly recommend. Both Thanasis and Petros are highly experienced and go into every effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. �
Fterniatis Pete

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