The Paragkiding is directly related to the weather conditions. Our experience from 1998 until today, the knowledge of meteorology, the wonderful mikroklima of Kalamata along with the latest Generation Certified equipment guarantee a flight with ultimate safety.


Excitement and smiling essentials. Five-minute briefing on the takeoff and landing process, appropriate clothing (if you need to provide shoes and coveralls) depending on the season and you are ready for flight.


The latest Generation certified equipments the best companies with spare parachutes, seats, helmets, wireless transceivers and FHD cameras contribute to the realization of wonderful flights with lateral parachute.


The correct answer is: as safe as we do. Each experienced pilot will tell you that the most important safety factor in the paragliding is not wind, air pressure or visibility. In fact, it is no external factor. The most important factor is the severity with which each pilot observes the flight process and regulations.

Statistically, the paragliding is as safe as the driving with the car... On the other hand, the stats tend to show that the parachute is much safer on average than activities such as driving a motorcycle or even riding. The paraglide that used today are very stable. They are designed to recovering quickly and automatically in case of closure. The equipment is equipped with emergency tensile parachute. So, as long as you use new equipment that you check before each flight, there is a very low risk of accident due to malfunction of the equipment. Almost all accidents occur due to pilot errors, either in the air or in the estimation of weather conditions before a flight.

The 20 years experience of the region and its climate reduces the wrong choices to the minimum... For a safe flight of compulsive paragliding (five)...

You must be and feel healthy, not eat too much, avoid many liquids and especially alcohol.. (They create a stomach ache and sensation of dizziness). For the first time, prefer morning flight hours to midday that have less thermal activity, cleaner atmosphere for videos and photos (in summer usually)...

If you have already flown once you feel confident about yourself the afternoon flight offer the possibility of a longer flight, changing the landscape depending on the height, more thermal activity that gives you a real picture of this sport and its purpose, to go as high as possible every day and travel to the next thermal. (Thermal = mass of hot air that directs upward)

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