Paragliding is directly related to the weather. Our experience from 1998 to the present, meteorology knowledge, Kalamata’s microclimate weather along with newest certified equipment guarantee a safe flight.


Enthusiasm and smiles necessarily. Five minutes briefing for take-off and landing, proper clothing (if you need we can provide shoes and overalls) depending on the season and ready to fly.


The newest equipment certified by the best companies of paragliding with rescue parachutes, harness, helmets, wireless transceivers and FHD cameras contribute to wonderful tandem paragliding flights.


How safe is paragliding ?

The correct answer is: As safe as we do it. Every experienced pilot will tell you that the most important safety factor in paragliding is not wind, air pressure or visibility. In fact, it is no external factor. The most important factor is the severity with which each pilot complies with the flight procedure and regulations.

Statistically, paragliding is as safe as driving  car … On the other hand, statistics tend to show that the paragliding is much safer on average than activities such as riding a motorcycle or even horse riding. The paragliding manufactured today are very stable. They are designed to recover quickly and automatically in the event of collapse. The equipment is fitted with an emergency rescue parachute. As long as you use new equipment that you check before each flight, there is a very low risk of equipment failure. Almost all accidents occur due to pilot mistakes in the air or from valuation of weather conditions before the takeoff.

20 years of experience in the area and its microclimate weather limits restricts the wrong choices to a minimum … for a safe paragliding flight.

What do I need to know before the flight ?

You need to be and feel healthy, not eat too much, avoid too much liquids and especially alcohol .. (create stomach upset and dizziness). For the first time, prefer morning hours or late afternoon .. At this hours is less the heat activity, more clear atmosphere for videos and photos (usually in summer) and less turbulence  …

If you have already flight with paraglide once or if you are sure about yourself the afternoon flight offers the possibility of a longer flight, change of scenery depending on altitude, more thermal activity that gives you a true picture of this sport and it’s purpose, that is , go as high as possible each day and travel (cross country) to the next thermal. (thermal = mass of hot air pointing upwards)

paragliding kalamata view