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About Us


The company operates in Messinia and provides alternative tourism services specializing in organized outdoor activities, guided tours and entertainment in places of high natural beauty and historical interest. The aim of our company is to provide alternative tourism services to all those who are motivated by love for the natural environment, seeking adventure and action. Our region offers an excellent natural environment and in combination with its climate, enables us to admire the Messinian Bay from above, from a bird's eye view, in an effort to imitate the way it flies. Our ambition to add those who wish to paragliding flights !!!


High level amenities for happy visitors with smiling faces filled with pictures of the beauty of the Messinian Gulf and the magnificent Taygetos through the experience of addictive paragliding flight.



Nassos started dealing with paragliding in 1990 and is one of the first in Greece. He is a certified paragliding tandem pilot and paramotor instructor from the Hellenic Airsport Athletics Federation and the international organization APPI. With many hours and participation in competitions and seminars keeping up to date with developments in the field. Member of the Board of airclub kalamata and Paramotor instructor (Paraglide with Motor Engine).


Petros is a certified paragliding instructor and paragliding tandem pilot from the Hellenic airsport Athletics Federation and the international organization APPI, a paramotor pilot as well as a recognized IKO instructor in kitesurfing. Many hours of flight to various parts of Greece. Depending on the season and the weather, he is also involved in other extreme sports such as snowbord, kitesurfing, mountainbike and roadbike races.